Don’t leave without a great video of your run!

You going to speedride? Become a hero: show your friends what you are worth under a wing, skis on your feet … Bring back a quality, imperishable and shareable video on social networks of your run.


  • Video mounted with music and dialogues, (in-flight chasing pursuit incl., count one or two half-days shoting, delivery via Youtube): 150 €
  • In-flight pursuits: Mr ‘VideoX’ follows you with his canopy and his camera. Great angle on your video!
    • Single in-flight chasing pursuit : 30€
    • Package three in-flight pursuits : 60€
    • Option stabilisation des poursuites et montage succinct sur musique: +30€
  • Option à venir: poursuite en caméra immersive 360° avec Google cardboards. Faites vous connaitre si intéressé!
  • Group discount possible, please contact us.


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Gallery season 2017